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We are looking forward to another great year!  We have plans for many new programs and opportunities for our students and parents this year.  We need a lot of help to get these plans in action, so all parents are highly encouraged to volunteer at least 10 hours this year.  We would also like to encourage church members to volunteer and help us make our school a school of excellence. Below are listed the areas we need the most help in:

1.    Transportation. Donate the use of your car, gas, time, and energy to chaperone and drive 3-4 kids to a field trip. You would be in charge of watching the children in your vehicle during the trip there and back and while at the destination.

2.    Monthly Birthday Parties. Bring cupcakes and ice cream to the school and distribute small gifts and balloons to the birthday kids. Set up and clean up afterwards.

3.    PTA Meetings.  Find, suggest, and line up guests to come and speak with our parents 4 times each year for our PTA meetings.  These would be presenters that speak on topics of interest to parents. You can also set up video recorded meetings as well.

4.    Parties.  Help organize, plan, decorate, and clean up during the Thanksgiving Meal, Back to School Breakfast, Graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

5.    Baking/Cooking.  Help make food for the parties.

6.    Fundraiser 

7.    Worship Leader Come in once a month on a Friday and have worship with the kids

8.    Musicians.  If you can play the guitar or any musical instrument, come and give lessons.  You could volunteer your time or charge the parents for the lessons. It's up to you.

9.    Uniform Coordinator. Be in charge of taking orders for, ordering, delivering, and storing school uniforms.  This includes the Caring Club uniforms, the choir uniforms and the school polo shirts.  Possibly organize a buy- back and re-sale of used uniforms.

10.  Drama Class Teach the children to speak up in front. You would also work with our choir director, Mr. Carinan on the Christmas and Easter programs.

11.  Announcements.  Make sure all the calendar items are put into our church bulletin in advance.  Update the announcement sign letters once a week on the outside of the gym. 

12.  Librarian. Organize library books and equipment. 

13.  Fall Festival Coordinator. You would decide what games we'd have set up, be in charge of finding the materials and volunteer for running the booths, be in charge of set up and clean up. 

14.  Tutor.  Come in and help students out with math, or listen to the little ones read.  This could be an hour a week or more.  Just let us know in advance when you can come, so we can plan.

15.  Fundraising Leader.  This takes “all hands on deck”!  We need lots of help unloading fruit boxes when they come in, counting boxtops, organizing Campbell’s labels, set up and take down the book fair, selling, and various other things.  Below are the ways we are fundraising this year:

a.    Boxtops4Education. Buy products with boxtops on them, clip them and turn them in. The school earns 10 cents for each boxtop turned in. You can also shop at some of your favorite online stores through the boxtop website, and the stores will donate a percentage of your purchase back to our school.  Our goal for this year is $500, and with your help we can do it!

16.  Homeschool Liason. Communicates events and field trips with home schoolers.

17.  Home and School Assistants. Assists home and school leader. 

18.  Grade Papers. Grade student work during school or at home. 

19.  Classroom Parent. Help teachers with students, organizing classroom, etc. 

20.  Before/After Care. Watch students and tutor before school and after school. 

21.  Yearbook Photographer and Yearbook Assistant(s).

22.  Recess Volunteer. Take students outside or to the gym during recess. 

23.  Hot Lunch Chef. Cook lunches for students. 

24.  Kitchen and Lunch Room Volunteers. Assist hot lunch chef with cooking and cleaning. 

25.  Computer Technician. Check computers and fix when needed. 

26.  Substitute Teachers. Teach classes when teachers are unavailable. 

27.  Friday Specials Volunteers: Art, ASL, Library, Music, Spanish, and Recess. Assist specials teachers during their classes.